Commercial Asphalt Sealing

Commercial Asphalt Sealing Services

Ohio Sealcoating & Repair is your seal coating contractor for commercial asphalt sealing also. Parking lots, more than anything can quickly deteriorate from weather exposure and constant trafiic. Keeping your asphalt parking lot sealed properly adds durability and years to its life. A freshly seal coated parking lot adds tons of curb appeal, too!

We service Akron, Canton, Medina, Wooster and surrounding communities. Ohio Seal Coating & Repair is equipped to handle your parking lot maintenance and repair. Call us today to see how we can help you keep your parking lot looking brand new.

  • Parking Lot Seal Coating
  • Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Commercial Seal Coating Contractor
  • Hole Patching & Filling

Commercial Asphalt Sealing

Parking Lot Repair ~ Asphalt Seal Coating Service ~ Hole Patching